Bullion coins

Bullion coins Bullion coins are a long-term Investment meant for at least a year term if it is not about the investment of thousands. So, if your objective is to make a profit, you have to be patient and keep track of gold quotes. You will have to monitor stock exchanges and analyze the situation […]

Coin quality

Coin quality Classification history The coin condition, as well as its rarity, determines its collection value. The better the condition is, the higher the value is. The coin condition is its wear degree (scratches, scuff marks, or other defects spoiling the coin’s appearance). Although numismatics has got a rather ancient history, the first attempts to […]

Collectible Coins

Collectible Coins Collecting coins is among the oldest hobbies. As early as in the late Middle Ages, it was quite popular among noblemen and rich citizens. Back then, antique coins were the main objects of numismatists’ adoration. Nowadays, collecting things has greatly expanded its scope, and numismatics, as a hobby, has become extremely popular. What […]

Gift coins

Gift coins Gift coins Gift coins are special coins manufactured from precious metals not for regular circulation but for distribution as encouragement or as a tribute to some memorable event. Maundy coins are a spectacular example of such coins. British monarchs usually hand them out on Holy Thursday. Nowadays, gift coins are both a good […]

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