Silver coin 2021. Chinese panda

38.00 34.90


Silver coin 2021. Chinese panda

38.00 34.90


Nominal value: 10 yuan
Weight: 30g (1 OZ)
Diameter: 40mm
Sample: 999 silver
Quality: BU
Circulation: 10,000,000

Issued in 1983 as legal tender by the Chinese Central Bank, it is the first silver investment coin with an annually changing design.

The obverse of the coin depicts the Temple of Heaven, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of a complex of religious buildings located in central Beijing. Above the Temple of Heaven is a text meaning “People’s Republic of China”. The year of manufacture is indicated at the bottom.

The reverse of the coin shows a panda holding a branch. In the background is a bamboo forest. To the right of the panda is the nominal value of the coin-10 yuan. Weight-1 oz and sample-Ag. 999, indicated at the bottom of the coin.

Each coin is packed in a plastic capsule.

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