1 dollar 2020. South Carolina. Septima Clark.

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1 dollar 2020. South Carolina. Septima Clark.

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The coin depicts Septima Clark, who is marching with an African-American students carrying books and the flag of the United States. This composition means that education and literacy among the oppressed people are necessary for the development and exercise of civil rights.

Septima Clark, born in 1898 in Charleston, South Carolina, was an American educator and civil rights activist. Clarke developed literacy and citizenship workshops, which played a very important role in the campaign for the right to vote and the civil rights of African Americans in the civil rights movement.

The program to issue $ 1 coins dedicated to “important inventions and innovative approaches of both individuals and groups of people from all states, territories and the District of Columbia” started in 2018.

The obverse of the issued copy is the same for all other coins of the series: it depicts the Statue of Liberty, the denomination “$ 1”, the official motto of the country “In God We Trust” (“In God we trust”), as well as the initials of the engraver (Phoebe Humphill) and the artist (Justin Koontz). Since 2019, an additional sign is also placed under the motto. The year of coinage, the mint mark, and the motto “E pluribus unum” (“Of many, one”) are stamped on the edge.

All subsequent coins will be issued in the same order in which the states entered the union. In addition, a coin dedicated to the District of Columbia will be issued, followed by innovations in the Territories.

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